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srv_stats_t Struct Reference
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Public Types

typedef ib_counter_t< lsn_t,
1, single_indexer_t
typedef ib_counter_t< ulint,
1, single_indexer_t
typedef ib_counter_t< lint,
1, single_indexer_t
typedef ib_counter_t< ulint, 64 > ulint_ctr_64_t
typedef ib_counter_t
< ib_int64_t,
1, single_indexer_t

Data Fields

ulint_ctr_1_t data_written
ulint_ctr_1_t log_write_requests
ulint_ctr_1_t log_writes
lsn_ctr_1_t os_log_written
lint_ctr_1_t os_log_pending_writes
ulint_ctr_1_t log_waits
ulint_ctr_1_t dblwr_writes
ulint_ctr_1_t dblwr_pages_written
ulint_ctr_1_t buf_pool_write_requests
ulint_ctr_1_t buf_pool_wait_free
ulint_ctr_1_t buf_pool_flushed
ulint_ctr_1_t buf_pool_reads
ulint_ctr_1_t data_read
ib_int64_ctr_1_t n_lock_wait_time
ulint_ctr_1_t n_lock_wait_count
lint_ctr_1_t n_lock_wait_current_count
ulint_ctr_64_t n_rows_read
ulint_ctr_64_t n_rows_updated
ulint_ctr_64_t n_rows_deleted
ulint_ctr_64_t n_rows_inserted

Field Documentation

ulint_ctr_1_t srv_stats_t::buf_pool_flushed
Count the number of pages that were written from buffer

pool to the disk

ulint_ctr_1_t srv_stats_t::buf_pool_reads
Number of buffer pool reads that led to the reading of

a disk page

ulint_ctr_1_t srv_stats_t::buf_pool_wait_free
Store the number of times when we had to wait for a free page

in the buffer pool. It happens when the buffer pool is full and we need to make a flush, in order to be able to read or create a page.

ulint_ctr_1_t srv_stats_t::buf_pool_write_requests

Store the number of write requests issued

ulint_ctr_1_t srv_stats_t::data_read

Number of data read in total (in bytes)

ulint_ctr_1_t srv_stats_t::data_written

Count the amount of data written in total (in bytes)

ulint_ctr_1_t srv_stats_t::dblwr_pages_written
Store the number of pages that have been flushed to the

doublewrite buffer

ulint_ctr_1_t srv_stats_t::dblwr_writes

Count the number of times the doublewrite buffer was flushed

ulint_ctr_1_t srv_stats_t::log_waits
We increase this counter, when we don't have enough

space in the log buffer and have to flush it

ulint_ctr_1_t srv_stats_t::log_write_requests

Number of the log write requests done

ulint_ctr_1_t srv_stats_t::log_writes

Number of physical writes to the log performed

ulint_ctr_1_t srv_stats_t::n_lock_wait_count

Number of database lock waits

lint_ctr_1_t srv_stats_t::n_lock_wait_current_count

Number of threads currently waiting on database locks

ib_int64_ctr_1_t srv_stats_t::n_lock_wait_time

Wait time of database locks

ulint_ctr_64_t srv_stats_t::n_rows_deleted

Number of rows deleted

ulint_ctr_64_t srv_stats_t::n_rows_inserted

Number of rows inserted

ulint_ctr_64_t srv_stats_t::n_rows_read

Number of rows read.

ulint_ctr_64_t srv_stats_t::n_rows_updated

Number of rows updated

lint_ctr_1_t srv_stats_t::os_log_pending_writes

Number of writes being done to the log files

lsn_ctr_1_t srv_stats_t::os_log_written

Amount of data written to the log files in bytes

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