InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
row_merge_buf_t Struct Reference

#include <row0merge.h>

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Data Fields

ulint total_size
ulint n_tuples
ulint max_tuples

Detailed Description

Buffer for sorting in main memory.

Field Documentation

mem_heap_t* row_merge_buf_t::heap

memory heap where allocated

dict_index_t* row_merge_buf_t::index

the index the tuples belong to

ulint row_merge_buf_t::max_tuples

maximum number of data tuples

ulint row_merge_buf_t::n_tuples

number of data tuples

mtuple_t* row_merge_buf_t::tmp_tuples

temporary copy of tuples, for sorting

ulint row_merge_buf_t::total_size

total amount of data bytes

mtuple_t* row_merge_buf_t::tuples

array of data tuples

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