InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
row_ext_t Struct Reference

#include <row0ext.h>

Data Fields

ulint n_ext
const ulint * ext
byte * buf
ulint max_len
ulint len [1]

Detailed Description

Prefixes of externally stored columns

Field Documentation

byte* row_ext_t::buf

backing store of the column prefix cache

const ulint* row_ext_t::ext

col_no's of externally stored columns

ulint row_ext_t::len[1]

prefix lengths; 0 if not cached

ulint row_ext_t::max_len

maximum prefix length, it could be REC_ANTELOPE_MAX_INDEX_COL_LEN or REC_VERSION_56_MAX_INDEX_COL_LEN depending on row format

ulint row_ext_t::n_ext

number of externally stored columns

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