InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
page_zip_des_t Struct Reference

#include <page0types.h>

Data Fields

unsigned m_start:16
bool m_external
unsigned m_end:16
unsigned m_nonempty:1
unsigned n_blobs:12
unsigned ssize:PAGE_ZIP_SSIZE_BITS

Detailed Description

Compressed page descriptor

Field Documentation

page_zip_t* page_zip_des_t::data

compressed page data

unsigned page_zip_des_t::m_end

end offset of modification log

bool page_zip_des_t::m_external

Allocated externally, not from the buffer pool

unsigned page_zip_des_t::m_nonempty

TRUE if the modification log is not empty

unsigned page_zip_des_t::m_start

start offset of modification log

unsigned page_zip_des_t::n_blobs

number of externally stored columns on the page; the maximum is 744 on a 16 KiB page

unsigned page_zip_des_t::ssize

0 or compressed page shift size; the size in bytes is (UNIV_ZIP_SIZE_MIN >> 1) << ssize.

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