InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
os_file_stat_t Struct Reference

#include <os0file.h>

Data Fields

char name [OS_FILE_MAX_PATH]
os_file_type_t type
ib_int64_t size
time_t ctime
time_t mtime
time_t atime
bool rw_perm

Detailed Description

Struct used in fetching information of a file in a directory

Field Documentation

time_t os_file_stat_t::atime

access time

time_t os_file_stat_t::ctime

creation time

time_t os_file_stat_t::mtime

modification time

char os_file_stat_t::name[OS_FILE_MAX_PATH]

path to a file

bool os_file_stat_t::rw_perm

true if can be opened in read-write mode. Only valid if type == OS_FILE_TYPE_FILE

ib_int64_t os_file_stat_t::size

file size

os_file_type_t os_file_stat_t::type

file type

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