InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
os_event Struct Reference

#include <os0sync.h>

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Data Fields

os_fast_mutex_t os_mutex
ibool is_set
ib_int64_t signal_count
os_cond_t cond_var
ut_list_node< os_event_tos_event_list

Detailed Description

An asynchronous signal sent between threads

Field Documentation

os_cond_t os_event::cond_var

condition variable is used in waiting for the event

ibool os_event::is_set

this is TRUE when the event is in the signaled state, i.e., a thread does not stop if it tries to wait for this event

ut_list_node< os_event_t > os_event::os_event_list

list of all created events

os_fast_mutex_t os_event::os_mutex

this mutex protects the next fields

ib_int64_t os_event::signal_count

this is incremented each time the event becomes signaled

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