InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
monitor_value_t Struct Reference

#include <srv0mon.h>

Data Fields

ib_time_t mon_start_time
ib_time_t mon_stop_time
ib_time_t mon_reset_time
mon_type_t mon_value
mon_type_t mon_max_value
mon_type_t mon_min_value
mon_type_t mon_value_reset
mon_type_t mon_max_value_start
mon_type_t mon_min_value_start
mon_type_t mon_start_value
mon_type_t mon_last_value
monitor_running_t mon_status

Detailed Description

Two monitor structures are defined in this file. One is

"monitor_value_t" which contains dynamic counter values for each counter. The other is "monitor_info_t", which contains static information (counter name, desc etc.) for each counter. In addition, an enum datatype "monitor_id_t" is also defined, it identifies each monitor with an internally used symbol, whose integer value indexes into above two structure for its dynamic and static information. Developer who intend to add new counters would require to fill in counter information as described in "monitor_info_t" and create the internal counter ID in "monitor_id_t". Structure containing the actual values of a monitor counter.

Field Documentation

mon_type_t monitor_value_t::mon_last_value

Last set of values

mon_type_t monitor_value_t::mon_max_value

Current Max value

mon_type_t monitor_value_t::mon_max_value_start

Max value since start

mon_type_t monitor_value_t::mon_min_value

Current Min value

mon_type_t monitor_value_t::mon_min_value_start

Min value since start

ib_time_t monitor_value_t::mon_reset_time

Time counter resetted

ib_time_t monitor_value_t::mon_start_time

Start time of monitoring

mon_type_t monitor_value_t::mon_start_value

Value at the start time

ib_time_t monitor_value_t::mon_stop_time

Stop time of monitoring

mon_type_t monitor_value_t::mon_value

Current counter Value

mon_type_t monitor_value_t::mon_value_reset

value at last reset

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