InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
log_group_t Struct Reference

#include <log0log.h>

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Data Fields

ulint id
ulint n_files
lsn_t file_size
ulint space_id
ulint state
lsn_t lsn
lsn_t lsn_offset
ulint n_pending_writes
byte ** file_header_bufs_ptr
byte ** file_header_bufs
lsn_t scanned_lsn
byte * checkpoint_buf_ptr
byte * checkpoint_buf
ut_list_node< log_group_tlog_groups

Detailed Description

Log group consists of a number of log files, each of the same size; a log

group is implemented as a space in the sense of the module fil0fil.

Field Documentation

byte* log_group_t::checkpoint_buf

checkpoint header is written from this buffer to the group

byte* log_group_t::checkpoint_buf_ptr

unaligned checkpoint header

byte** log_group_t::file_header_bufs

buffers for each file header in the group

byte** log_group_t::file_header_bufs_ptr

unaligned buffers

lsn_t log_group_t::file_size

individual log file size in bytes, including the log file header

ulint log_group_t::id

log group id

ut_list_node< log_group_t > log_group_t::log_groups

list of log groups

lsn_t log_group_t::lsn

lsn used to fix coordinates within the log group

lsn_t log_group_t::lsn_offset

the offset of the above lsn

ulint log_group_t::n_files

number of files in the group

ulint log_group_t::n_pending_writes

number of currently pending flush writes for this log group

lsn_t log_group_t::scanned_lsn

used only in recovery: recovery scan succeeded up to this lsn in this log group

ulint log_group_t::space_id

file space which implements the log group

ulint log_group_t::state


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