InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
lock_t Struct Reference

#include <lock0priv.h>

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Data Fields

ut_list_node< lock_ttrx_locks
ulint type_mode
hash_node_t hash
union {
   lock_table_t   tab_lock
   lock_rec_t   rec_lock

Detailed Description

Lock struct; protected by lock_sys->mutex

Field Documentation

hash_node_t lock_t::hash

hash chain node for a record lock

dict_index_t* lock_t::index

index for a record lock

lock_rec_t lock_t::rec_lock

record lock

lock_table_t lock_t::tab_lock

table lock

trx_t* lock_t::trx

transaction owning the lock

ut_list_node< lock_t > lock_t::trx_locks

list of the locks of the transaction

ulint lock_t::type_mode

lock type, mode, LOCK_GAP or LOCK_REC_NOT_GAP, LOCK_INSERT_INTENTION, wait flag, ORed

union { ... } lock_t::un_member

lock details

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