InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
ibuf_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

ulint size
ulint max_size
ulint seg_size
bool empty
ulint free_list_len
ulint height
ulint n_merges
ulint n_merged_ops [IBUF_OP_COUNT]
ulint n_discarded_ops [IBUF_OP_COUNT]

Detailed Description

Insert buffer struct

Field Documentation

bool ibuf_t::empty

Protected by the page latch of the root page of the insert buffer tree (FSP_IBUF_TREE_ROOT_PAGE_NO). true if and only if the insert buffer tree is empty.

ulint ibuf_t::free_list_len

length of the free list

ulint ibuf_t::height

tree height

dict_index_t* ibuf_t::index

insert buffer index

ulint ibuf_t::max_size

recommended maximum size of the ibuf index tree, in pages

ulint ibuf_t::n_discarded_ops[IBUF_OP_COUNT]

number of operations of each type discarded without merging due to the tablespace being deleted or the index being dropped

ulint ibuf_t::n_merged_ops[IBUF_OP_COUNT]

number of operations of each type merged to index pages

ulint ibuf_t::n_merges

number of pages merged

ulint ibuf_t::seg_size

allocated pages of the file segment containing ibuf header and tree

ulint ibuf_t::size

current size of the ibuf index tree, in pages

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