InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
i_s_locks_row_t Struct Reference

#include <trx0i_s.h>

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Data Fields

trx_id_t lock_trx_id
const char * lock_mode
const char * lock_type
const char * lock_table
const char * lock_index
ulint lock_space
ulint lock_page
ulint lock_rec
const char * lock_data
table_id_t lock_table_id
i_s_hash_chain_t hash_chain

Detailed Description

This structure represents INFORMATION_SCHEMA.innodb_locks row

Field Documentation

i_s_hash_chain_t i_s_locks_row_t::hash_chain

hash table chain node for trx_i_s_cache_t::locks_hash

const char* i_s_locks_row_t::lock_data

(some) content of the record

const char* i_s_locks_row_t::lock_index

index name from lock_rec_get_index_name()

const char* i_s_locks_row_t::lock_mode

lock mode from lock_get_mode_str()

ulint i_s_locks_row_t::lock_page

page number within the_space

ulint i_s_locks_row_t::lock_rec

heap number of the record on the page

ulint i_s_locks_row_t::lock_space
Information for record locks.  All these are

ULINT_UNDEFINED for table locks. tablespace identifier

const char* i_s_locks_row_t::lock_table

table name from lock_get_table_name()

table_id_t i_s_locks_row_t::lock_table_id

The following are auxiliary and not included in the table table identifier from lock_get_table_id

trx_id_t i_s_locks_row_t::lock_trx_id

transaction identifier

const char* i_s_locks_row_t::lock_type

lock type from lock_get_type_str()

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