InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
func_node_t Struct Reference

#include <pars0pars.h>

Collaboration diagram for func_node_t:
Collaboration graph

Data Fields

que_common_t common
int func
ulint fclass
que_node_t * args
ut_list_node< func_node_tcond_list
ut_list_node< func_node_tfunc_node_list

Detailed Description

A predefined function or operator node in a parsing tree; this construct

is also used for some non-functions like the assignment ':='

Field Documentation

que_node_t* func_node_t::args

argument(s) of the function

que_common_t func_node_t::common


ut_list_node< func_node_t > func_node_t::cond_list

list of comparison conditions; defined only for comparison operator nodes except, presently, for OPT_SCROLL_TYPE ones

ulint func_node_t::fclass

class of the function

int func_node_t::func

token code of the function name

ut_list_node< func_node_t > func_node_t::func_node_list

list of function nodes in a parsed query graph

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