InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
fts_node_t Struct Reference

#include <fts0types.h>

Data Fields

doc_id_t first_doc_id
doc_id_t last_doc_id
byte * ilist
ulint doc_count
ulint ilist_size
ulint ilist_size_alloc

Detailed Description

Columns of the FTS auxiliary INDEX table

Field Documentation

ulint fts_node_t::doc_count

Number of doc ids in ilist

doc_id_t fts_node_t::first_doc_id

First document id in ilist.

byte* fts_node_t::ilist

Binary list of documents & word positions the token appears in. TODO: For now, these are simply ut_malloc'd, but if testing shows that they waste memory unacceptably, a special memory allocator will have to be written

ulint fts_node_t::ilist_size

Used size of ilist in bytes.

ulint fts_node_t::ilist_size_alloc

Allocated size of ilist in bytes

doc_id_t fts_node_t::last_doc_id

Last document id in ilist.

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