InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
fts_doc_t Struct Reference

#include <fts0types.h>

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Data Fields

fts_string_t text
ibool found
CHARSET_INFO * charset

Detailed Description

This type represents a single document.

Field Documentation

CHARSET_INFO* fts_doc_t::charset

Document's charset info

ibool fts_doc_t::found

TRUE if the document was found successfully in the database

ib_alloc_t* fts_doc_t::self_heap

An instance of this type is allocated from this heap along with any objects that have the same lifespan, most notably the vector of token positions

fts_string_t fts_doc_t::text

document text

ib_rbt_t* fts_doc_t::tokens

This is filled when the document is tokenized. Tokens; indexed by fts_string_t*, cells are of type fts_token_t*

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