InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
fsp_open_info Struct Reference

Data Fields

ibool success
const char * check_msg
ibool valid
os_file_t file
char * filepath
lsn_t lsn
ulint id
ulint flags

Field Documentation

const char* fsp_open_info::check_msg

fil_check_first_page() message

os_file_t fsp_open_info::file

File handle

char* fsp_open_info::filepath

File path to open

ulint fsp_open_info::flags

Tablespace flags

ulint fsp_open_info::id

Space ID

lsn_t fsp_open_info::lsn

Flushed LSN from header page

ibool fsp_open_info::success

Has the tablespace been opened?

ibool fsp_open_info::valid

Is the tablespace valid?

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