InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
buf_pool_stat_t Struct Reference

The buffer pool statistics structure. More...

#include <buf0buf.h>

Data Fields

ulint n_page_gets
ulint n_pages_read
ulint n_pages_written
ulint n_pages_created
ulint n_ra_pages_read_rnd
ulint n_ra_pages_read
ulint n_ra_pages_evicted
ulint n_pages_made_young
ulint n_pages_not_made_young
ulint LRU_bytes
ulint flush_list_bytes

Detailed Description

The buffer pool statistics structure.

Field Documentation

ulint buf_pool_stat_t::flush_list_bytes

flush_list size in bytes

ulint buf_pool_stat_t::LRU_bytes

LRU size in bytes

ulint buf_pool_stat_t::n_page_gets

number of page gets performed; also successful searches through the adaptive hash index are counted as page gets; this field is NOT protected by the buffer pool mutex

ulint buf_pool_stat_t::n_pages_created

number of pages created in the pool with no read

ulint buf_pool_stat_t::n_pages_made_young

number of pages made young, in calls to buf_LRU_make_block_young()

ulint buf_pool_stat_t::n_pages_not_made_young

number of pages not made young because the first access was not long enough ago, in buf_page_peek_if_too_old()

ulint buf_pool_stat_t::n_pages_read

number read operations

ulint buf_pool_stat_t::n_pages_written

number write operations

ulint buf_pool_stat_t::n_ra_pages_evicted

number of read ahead pages that are evicted without being accessed

ulint buf_pool_stat_t::n_ra_pages_read

number of pages read in as part of read ahead

ulint buf_pool_stat_t::n_ra_pages_read_rnd

number of pages read in as part of random read ahead

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