InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
buf_pool_info_t Struct Reference

#include <buf0buf.h>

Data Fields

ulint pool_unique_id
ulint pool_size
ulint lru_len
ulint old_lru_len
ulint free_list_len
ulint flush_list_len
ulint n_pend_unzip
ulint n_pend_reads
ulint n_pending_flush_lru
ulint n_pending_flush_single_page
ulint n_pending_flush_list
ulint n_pages_made_young
ulint n_pages_not_made_young
ulint n_pages_read
ulint n_pages_created
ulint n_pages_written
ulint n_page_gets
ulint n_ra_pages_read_rnd
ulint n_ra_pages_read
ulint n_ra_pages_evicted
ulint n_page_get_delta
double page_made_young_rate
double page_not_made_young_rate
double pages_read_rate
double pages_created_rate
double pages_written_rate
ulint page_read_delta
ulint young_making_delta
ulint not_young_making_delta
double pages_readahead_rnd_rate
double pages_readahead_rate
double pages_evicted_rate
ulint unzip_lru_len
ulint io_sum
ulint io_cur
ulint unzip_sum
ulint unzip_cur

Detailed Description

This structure defines information we will fetch from each buffer pool. It

will be used to print table IO stats

Field Documentation

ulint buf_pool_info_t::flush_list_len

Length of buf_pool->flush_list

ulint buf_pool_info_t::free_list_len

Length of buf_pool->free list

ulint buf_pool_info_t::io_cur, num of IO for current interval

ulint buf_pool_info_t::io_sum

ulint buf_pool_info_t::lru_len

Length of buf_pool->LRU

ulint buf_pool_info_t::n_page_get_delta

num of buffer pool page gets since last printout

ulint buf_pool_info_t::n_page_gets


ulint buf_pool_info_t::n_pages_created


ulint buf_pool_info_t::n_pages_made_young

number of pages made young

ulint buf_pool_info_t::n_pages_not_made_young

number of pages not made young

ulint buf_pool_info_t::n_pages_read


ulint buf_pool_info_t::n_pages_written


ulint buf_pool_info_t::n_pend_reads

buf_pool->n_pend_reads, pages pending read

ulint buf_pool_info_t::n_pend_unzip

buf_pool->n_pend_unzip, pages pending decompress

ulint buf_pool_info_t::n_pending_flush_list

Pages pending flush in FLUSH LIST

ulint buf_pool_info_t::n_pending_flush_lru

Pages pending flush in LRU

ulint buf_pool_info_t::n_pending_flush_single_page

Pages pending to be flushed as part of single page flushes issued by various user threads

ulint buf_pool_info_t::n_ra_pages_evicted

buf_pool->n_ra_pages_evicted, number of readahead pages evicted without access

ulint buf_pool_info_t::n_ra_pages_read

buf_pool->n_ra_pages_read, number of pages readahead

ulint buf_pool_info_t::n_ra_pages_read_rnd

buf_pool->n_ra_pages_read_rnd, number of pages readahead

ulint buf_pool_info_t::not_young_making_delta

num of pages not make young since last printout

ulint buf_pool_info_t::old_lru_len


double buf_pool_info_t::page_made_young_rate

page made young rate in pages per second

double buf_pool_info_t::page_not_made_young_rate

page not made young rate in pages per second

ulint buf_pool_info_t::page_read_delta

num of pages read since last printout

double buf_pool_info_t::pages_created_rate

num of pages create per second

double buf_pool_info_t::pages_evicted_rate

rate of readahead page evicted without access, in pages per second

double buf_pool_info_t::pages_read_rate

num of pages read per second

double buf_pool_info_t::pages_readahead_rate

readahead rate in pages per second

double buf_pool_info_t::pages_readahead_rnd_rate

random readahead rate in pages per second

double buf_pool_info_t::pages_written_rate

num of pages written per second

ulint buf_pool_info_t::pool_size

Buffer Pool size in pages

ulint buf_pool_info_t::pool_unique_id

Buffer Pool ID

ulint buf_pool_info_t::unzip_cur

buf_LRU_stat_cur.unzip, num pages decompressed in current interval

ulint buf_pool_info_t::unzip_lru_len

length of buf_pool->unzip_LRU list

ulint buf_pool_info_t::unzip_sum


ulint buf_pool_info_t::young_making_delta

num of pages made young since last printout

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