InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
buf_buddy_free_t Struct Reference

#include <buf0buf.h>

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Data Fields

union {
   ulint   size
   byte   bytes [FIL_PAGE_DATA]
buf_page_t bpage
ut_list_node< buf_buddy_free_tlist

Detailed Description

Struct that is embedded in the free zip blocks

Field Documentation

buf_page_t buf_buddy_free_t::bpage

Embedded bpage descriptor

byte buf_buddy_free_t::bytes[FIL_PAGE_DATA]

stamp[FIL_PAGE_ARCH_LOG_NO_OR_SPACE_ID] == BUF_BUDDY_FREE_STAMP denotes a free block. If the space_id field of buddy block != BUF_BUDDY_FREE_STAMP, the block is not in any zip_free list. If the space_id is BUF_BUDDY_FREE_STAMP then stamp[0] will contain the buddy block size.

ut_list_node< buf_buddy_free_t > buf_buddy_free_t::list

Node of zip_free list

ulint buf_buddy_free_t::size

size of the block

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