InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
btr_search_t Struct Reference

#include <btr0sea.h>

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Data Fields

ulint ref_count
ulint n_fields
ulint n_bytes
ibool left_side
ulint magic_n
ulint hash_analysis
ibool last_hash_succ
ulint n_hash_potential

Detailed Description

The search info struct in an index

Field Documentation

ulint btr_search_t::hash_analysis

when this exceeds BTR_SEARCH_HASH_ANALYSIS, the hash analysis starts; this is reset if no success noticed

ibool btr_search_t::last_hash_succ

TRUE if the last search would have succeeded, or did succeed, using the hash index; NOTE that the value here is not exact: it is not calculated for every search, and the calculation itself is not always accurate!

ibool btr_search_t::left_side

TRUE or FALSE, depending on whether the leftmost record of several records with the same prefix should be indexed in the hash index

ulint btr_search_t::magic_n

magic number

See Also
ulint btr_search_t::n_bytes

recommended prefix: number of bytes in an incomplete field

See Also
ulint btr_search_t::n_fields

recommended prefix length for hash search: number of full fields

ulint btr_search_t::n_hash_potential

number of consecutive searches which would have succeeded, or did succeed, using the hash index; the range is 0 .. BTR_SEARCH_BUILD_LIMIT + 5

ulint btr_search_t::ref_count

Number of blocks in this index tree that have search index built i.e. block->index points to this index. Protected by btr_search_latch except when during initialization in btr_search_info_create().

buf_block_t* btr_search_t::root_guess

the root page frame when it was last time fetched, or NULL

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