InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
btr_path_t Struct Reference

#include <btr0cur.h>

Data Fields

ulint nth_rec
ulint n_recs
ulint page_no
ulint page_level

Detailed Description

A slot in the path array. We store here info on a search path down the

tree. Each slot contains data on a single level of the tree.

Field Documentation

ulint btr_path_t::n_recs

number of records on the page

ulint btr_path_t::nth_rec

index of the record where the page cursor stopped on this level (index in alphabetical order); value ULINT_UNDEFINED denotes array end

ulint btr_path_t::page_level

level of the page, if later we fetch the page under page_no and it is no different level then we know that the tree has been reorganized

ulint btr_path_t::page_no

no of the page containing the record

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