InnoDB Plugin  1.0
row0uins.h File Reference
#include "univ.i"
#include "data0data.h"
#include "dict0types.h"
#include "trx0types.h"
#include "que0types.h"
#include "row0types.h"
#include "mtr0mtr.h"
#include "row0uins.ic"
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UNIV_INTERN dberr_t row_undo_ins (undo_node_t *node))

Detailed Description

Fresh insert undo

Created 2/25/1997 Heikki Tuuri

Function Documentation

UNIV_INTERN dberr_t row_undo_ins ( undo_node_t node)

Undoes a fresh insert of a row to a table. A fresh insert means that the same clustered index unique key did not have any record, even delete marked, at the time of the insert. InnoDB is eager in a rollback: if it figures out that an index record will be removed in the purge anyway, it will remove it in the rollback.

nodein: row undo node