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os0proc.h File Reference
#include "univ.i"
#include "os0proc.ic"
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typedef void * os_process_t
typedef unsigned long int os_process_id_t


UNIV_INTERN ulint os_proc_get_number (void)
UNIV_INTERN void * os_mem_alloc_large (ulint *n)
UNIV_INTERN void os_mem_free_large (void *ptr, ulint size)


ibool os_use_large_pages
ulint os_large_page_size

Detailed Description

The interface to the operating system process control primitives

Created 9/30/1995 Heikki Tuuri

Function Documentation

UNIV_INTERN void* os_mem_alloc_large ( ulint *  n)

Allocates large pages memory.

allocated memory in/out: number of bytes
UNIV_INTERN void os_mem_free_large ( void *  ptr,
ulint  size 

Frees large pages memory. in: size returned by os_mem_alloc_large()

ptrin: pointer returned by os_mem_alloc_large()
UNIV_INTERN ulint os_proc_get_number ( void  )

Converts the current process id to a number. It is not guaranteed that the number is unique. In Linux returns the 'process number' of the current thread. That number is the same as one sees in 'top', for example. In Linux the thread id is not the same as one sees in 'top'.

process id as a number