InnoDB Plugin  1.0
fut0fut.ic File Reference
#include "sync0rw.h"
#include "buf0buf.h"
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UNIV_INLINE byte * fut_get_ptr (ulint space, ulint zip_size, fil_addr_t addr, ulint rw_latch, mtr_t *mtr)

Detailed Description

File-based utilities

Created 12/13/1995 Heikki Tuuri

Function Documentation

UNIV_INLINE byte* fut_get_ptr ( ulint  space,
ulint  zip_size,
fil_addr_t  addr,
ulint  rw_latch,
mtr_t mtr 

Gets a pointer to a file address and latches the page.

pointer to a byte in a frame; the file page in the frame is bufferfixed and latched
spacein: space id
zip_sizein: compressed page size in bytes or 0 for uncompressed pages
addrin: file address
rw_latchin: RW_S_LATCH, RW_X_LATCH
mtrin: mtr handle