InnoDB Plugin  1.0
dict0crea.ic File Reference
#include "mem0mem.h"
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UNIV_INTERN bool row_is_mysql_tmp_table_name (const char *name))
UNIV_INLINE dberr_t dict_create_add_foreign_id (ulint *id_nr, const char *name, dict_foreign_t *foreign)

Detailed Description

Database object creation

Created 1/8/1996 Heikki Tuuri

Function Documentation

UNIV_INLINE dberr_t dict_create_add_foreign_id ( ulint *  id_nr,
const char *  name,
dict_foreign_t foreign 

Generate a foreign key constraint name when it was not named by the user. A generated constraint has a name of the format dbname/tablename_ibfk_NUMBER, where the numbers start from 1, and are given locally for this table, that is, the number is not global, as it used to be before MySQL 4.0.18.

id_nrin/out: number to use in id generation; incremented if used
namein: table name
foreignin/out: foreign key
UNIV_INTERN bool row_is_mysql_tmp_table_name ( const char *  name)

Checks if a table name contains the string "/#sql" which denotes temporary tables in MySQL.

true if temporary table in: table name in the form 'database/tablename'