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st_ha_create_information Struct Reference

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const CHARSET_INFO * table_charset
const CHARSET_INFO * default_table_charset
LEX_STRING connect_string
const char * password
const char * tablespace
LEX_STRING comment
const char * data_file_name
const char * index_file_name
const char * alias
ulonglong max_rows
ulonglong min_rows
ulonglong auto_increment_value
ulong table_options
ulong avg_row_length
ulong used_fields
ulong key_block_size
uint stats_sample_pages
enum_stats_auto_recalc stats_auto_recalc
SQL_I_List< TABLE_LISTmerge_list
enum row_type row_type
uint null_bits
uint options
uint merge_insert_method
uint extra_size
bool varchar
enum ha_storage_media storage_media

Member Data Documentation

Row type of the table definition.

Defaults to ROW_TYPE_DEFAULT for all non-ALTER statements. For ALTER TABLE defaults to ROW_TYPE_NOT_USED (means "keep the current").

Can be changed either explicitly by the parser. If nothing speficied inherits the value of the original table (if present).

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