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sp_instr_error Class Reference

#include <sp_instr.h>

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Public Member Functions

 sp_instr_error (uint ip, sp_pcontext *ctx, int errcode)
virtual void print (String *str)
virtual bool execute (THD *thd, uint *nextp)
virtual uint opt_mark (sp_head *sp, List< sp_instr > *leads)

Detailed Description

sp_instr_error just throws an SQL-condition if the execution flow comes to it. It's used in the CASE implementation to perform runtime-check that the CASE-expression is handled by some WHEN/ELSE clause.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool sp_instr_error::execute ( THD *  thd,
uint *  nextp 
) [inline, virtual]

Execute this instruction

thdThread context
[out]nextpindex of the next instruction to execute. (For most instructions this will be the instruction following this one). Note that this parameter is undefined in case of errors, use get_cont_dest() to find the continuation instruction for CONTINUE error handlers.
Error status.

Implements sp_instr.

virtual uint sp_instr_error::opt_mark ( sp_head sp,
List< sp_instr > *  leads 
) [inline, virtual]

Mark this instruction as reachable during optimization and return the index to the next instruction. Jump instruction will add their destination to the leads list.

Reimplemented from sp_instr.

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