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delayed_row Class Reference
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ilink< delayed_row >

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Public Member Functions

 delayed_row (LEX_STRING const query_arg, const COPY_INFO *insert_operation, bool log_query_arg)
bool copy_context (THD *thd, TABLE *client_table, TABLE *local_table)

Public Attributes

char * record
enum_duplicates dup
time_t start_time
sql_mode_t sql_mode
bool auto_increment_field_not_null
bool query_start_used
bool ignore
bool log_query
bool binlog_rows_query_log_events
bool stmt_depends_on_first_successful_insert_id_in_prev_stmt
MY_BITMAP write_set
ulonglong first_successful_insert_id_in_prev_stmt
ulonglong forced_insert_id
ulong auto_increment_increment
ulong auto_increment_offset

Detailed Description

A row in the INSERT DELAYED queue. The client thread which runs INSERT DELAYED adds its to-be-inserted row into a queue, in the form of a delayed_row object. Later the system thread scans the queue, and actually writes the rows to the table.

that custom operator new/delete are inherited from the ilink class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

delayed_row::delayed_row ( LEX_STRING const  query_arg,
const COPY_INFO insert_operation,
bool  log_query_arg 
) [inline]
query_argThe query's text
insert_operationA COPY_INFO describing the operation
log_query_argBinary logging is on.
we take ownership of query_arg, will free its string in destructor.

Member Function Documentation

bool delayed_row::copy_context ( THD *  thd,
TABLE client_table,
TABLE local_table 

Copies row data and session- and table context from the client thread to the delayed row.

thdThe client session. Information that is needed in order to insert the row is copied.
client_tableThe client session's table instance. Some state information such as the row itself is copied.
local_tableThe delayed insert session's instance of the table.
This function must not keep any reference to the THD and client_table objects.
Return values:
trueResource allocation problem when trying to copy context.

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