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LOGGER Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void lock_shared ()
void lock_exclusive ()
void unlock ()
bool is_log_table_enabled (uint log_table_type)
bool log_command (THD *thd, enum enum_server_command command, const char *query_str, size_t query_length)
void init_base ()
void init_log_tables ()
bool flush_logs (THD *thd)
bool flush_slow_log ()
bool flush_general_log ()
void cleanup_base ()
void cleanup_end ()
bool error_log_print (enum loglevel level, const char *format, va_list args)
bool slow_log_print (THD *thd, const char *query, uint query_length)
bool general_log_print (THD *thd, enum enum_server_command command, const char *format, va_list args)
bool general_log_write (THD *thd, enum enum_server_command command, const char *query, uint query_length)
int set_handlers (uint error_log_printer, uint slow_log_printer, uint general_log_printer)
void init_error_log (uint error_log_printer)
void init_slow_log (uint slow_log_printer)
void init_general_log (uint general_log_printer)
void deactivate_log_handler (THD *thd, uint log_type)
bool activate_log_handler (THD *thd, uint log_type)
MYSQL_QUERY_LOGget_slow_log_file_handler () const
MYSQL_QUERY_LOGget_log_file_handler () const

Public Attributes

bool is_log_tables_initialized

Member Function Documentation

Close and reopen the general log (with locks).


Close and reopen the slow log (with locks).


Perform basic log initialization: create file-based log handler and init error log.

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