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Item_type_holder Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Item_type_holder (THD *, Item *)
Item_result result_type () const
enum_field_types field_type () const
enum Type type () const
double val_real ()
longlong val_int ()
my_decimalval_decimal (my_decimal *)
Stringval_str (String *)
bool get_date (MYSQL_TIME *ltime, uint fuzzydate)
bool get_time (MYSQL_TIME *ltime)
bool join_types (THD *thd, Item *)
Fieldmake_field_by_type (TABLE *table)
Field::geometry_type get_geometry_type () const

Static Public Member Functions

static uint32 display_length (Item *item)
static enum_field_types get_real_type (Item *)

Protected Member Functions

void get_full_info (Item *item)

Protected Attributes

TYPELIB * enum_set_typelib
enum_field_types fld_type
Field::geometry_type geometry_type
int prev_decimal_int_part

Member Function Documentation

uint32 Item_type_holder::display_length ( Item item) [static]

Calculate lenth for merging result for given Item type.

itemItem for length detection
void Item_type_holder::get_full_info ( Item item) [protected]

Get full information from Item about enum/set fields to be able to create them later.

itemItem for information collection
enum_field_types Item_type_holder::get_real_type ( Item item) [static]

Find real field type of item.

type of field which should be created to store item value
bool Item_type_holder::join_types ( THD *  thd,
Item item 

Find field type which can carry current Item_type_holder type and type of given Item.

thdthread handler
itemgiven item to join its parameters with this item ones
Return values:
TRUEerror - types are incompatible

Make temporary table field according collected information about type of UNION result.

tabletemporary table for which we create fields
created field
Item_result Item_type_holder::result_type ( ) const [virtual]

Return expression type of Item_type_holder.

Item_result (type of internal MySQL expression result)

Reimplemented from Item.

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