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File_parser Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

my_bool ok ()
const LEX_STRING * type () const
my_bool parse (uchar *base, MEM_ROOT *mem_root, struct File_option *parameters, uint required, Unknown_key_hook *hook) const


File_parsersql_parse_prepare (const LEX_STRING *file_name, MEM_ROOT *mem_root, bool bad_format_errors)

Member Function Documentation

my_bool File_parser::parse ( uchar *  base,
MEM_ROOT *  mem_root,
struct File_option parameters,
uint  required,
Unknown_key_hook hook 
) const

parse parameters.

basebase address for parameter writing (structure like TABLE)
mem_rootMEM_ROOT for parameters allocation
parametersparameters description
requirednumber of required parameters in above list. If the file contains more parameters than "required", they will be ignored. If the file contains less parameters then "required", non-existing parameters will remain their values.
hookhook called for unknown keys
hook_datasome data specific for the hook
Return values:

Friends And Related Function Documentation

File_parser* sql_parse_prepare ( const LEX_STRING *  file_name,
MEM_ROOT *  mem_root,
bool  bad_format_errors 
) [friend]

Prepare frm to parse (read to memory).

file_namepath & filename to .frm file
mem_rootMEM_ROOT for buffer allocation
bad_format_errorssend errors on bad content
returned pointer + 1 will be type of .frm
0 - error
parser object

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