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Field_datetimef Member List
This is the complete list of members for Field_datetimef, including all inherited members.
BGNR enum value (defined in Field)Field
binary() const (defined in Field_temporal)Field_temporal [inline, virtual]
binlog_type() const (defined in Field_datetimef)Field_datetimef [inline, virtual]
BIT_FIELD enum value (defined in Field)Field
BLOB_FIELD enum value (defined in Field)Field
can_be_compared_as_longlong() const (defined in Field_temporal)Field_temporal [inline, virtual]
CAPITALIZE enum value (defined in Field)Field
CASEDN enum value (defined in Field)Field
CASEUP enum value (defined in Field)Field
cast_to_int_type() const (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
char_length() (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
charset() const (defined in Field_temporal)Field_temporal [inline, virtual]
charset_for_protocol(void) const (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
CHECK enum value (defined in Field)Field
check_overflow(int op_result) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
check_truncated(int op_result) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
clone(MEM_ROOT *mem_root) const Field_datetimef [inline, virtual]
clone() const Field_datetimef [inline, virtual]
cmp(const uchar *a_ptr, const uchar *b_ptr) (defined in Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef)Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef [inline, virtual]
cmp(const uchar *str) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
cmp_binary(const uchar *a, const uchar *b, uint32 max_length=~0L) (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
cmp_binary_offset(uint row_offset) (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
cmp_max(const uchar *a, const uchar *b, uint max_len) (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
cmp_offset(uint row_offset) (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
cmp_type() const (defined in Field_temporal)Field_temporal [inline, virtual]
column_format() const (defined in Field)Field [inline]
comment (defined in Field)Field
compatible_field_size(uint metadata, Relay_log_info *rli, uint16 mflags, int *order)Field [virtual]
convert_decimal2longlong(const my_decimal *val, bool unsigned_flag, bool *has_overflow)Field
convert_number_to_datetime(longlong nr, bool unsigned_val, MYSQL_TIME *ltime, int *warning)Field_temporal [protected]
convert_number_to_TIME(longlong nr, bool unsigned_val, int nanoseconds, MYSQL_TIME *ltime, int *warning)Field_temporal_with_date [protected, virtual]
convert_str_to_TIME(const char *str, uint len, const CHARSET_INFO *cs, MYSQL_TIME *ltime, MYSQL_TIME_STATUS *status)Field_temporal_with_date [protected, virtual]
convert_TIME_to_timestamp(THD *thd, const MYSQL_TIME *ltime, struct timeval *tm, int *error) (defined in Field_temporal_with_date_and_time)Field_temporal_with_date_and_time [protected]
Copy_field (defined in Field)Field [friend]
copy_from_tmp(int offset) (defined in Field)Field
cre_myisam (defined in Field)Field [friend]
data_length() (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
DATE enum value (defined in Field)Field
date_flags(const THD *thd)Field_datetimef [protected, virtual]
Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef::date_flags()Field_temporal [inline, protected]
dbug_print() (defined in Field)Field [inline]
dec (defined in Field_temporal)Field_temporal [protected]
decimals() const (defined in Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef)Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef [inline, virtual]
derivation() const (defined in Field_temporal)Field_temporal [inline, virtual]
EMPTY enum value (defined in Field)Field
eq(Field *field) (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
eq_def(Field *field)Field [virtual]
Field(uchar *ptr_arg, uint32 length_arg, uchar *null_ptr_arg, uchar null_bit_arg, utype unireg_check_arg, const char *field_name_arg)Field
Field_datetimef(uchar *ptr_arg, uchar *null_ptr_arg, uchar null_bit_arg, enum utype unireg_check_arg, const char *field_name_arg, uint8 dec_arg)Field_datetimef [inline]
Field_datetimef(bool maybe_null_arg, const char *field_name_arg, uint8 dec_arg)Field_datetimef [inline]
field_index (defined in Field)Field
field_length (defined in Field)Field
field_name (defined in Field)Field
field_storage_type() const (defined in Field)Field [inline]
Field_temporal(uchar *ptr_arg, uchar *null_ptr_arg, uchar null_bit_arg, enum utype unireg_check_arg, const char *field_name_arg, uint32 len_arg, uint8 dec_arg)Field_temporal [inline]
Field_temporal(bool maybe_null_arg, const char *field_name_arg, uint32 len_arg, uint8 dec_arg)Field_temporal [inline]
Field_temporal_with_date(uchar *ptr_arg, uchar *null_ptr_arg, uchar null_bit_arg, enum utype unireg_check_arg, const char *field_name_arg, uint8 int_length_arg, uint8 dec_arg)Field_temporal_with_date [inline]
Field_temporal_with_date(bool maybe_null_arg, const char *field_name_arg, uint int_length_arg, uint8 dec_arg)Field_temporal_with_date [inline]
Field_temporal_with_date_and_time(uchar *ptr_arg, uchar *null_ptr_arg, uchar null_bit_arg, enum utype unireg_check_arg, const char *field_name_arg, uint8 dec_arg)Field_temporal_with_date_and_time [inline]
Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef(uchar *ptr_arg, uchar *null_ptr_arg, uchar null_bit_arg, enum utype unireg_check_arg, const char *field_name_arg, uint8 dec_arg)Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef [inline]
Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef(bool maybe_null_arg, const char *field_name_arg, uint8 dec_arg)Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef [inline]
field_type_merge(enum_field_types, enum_field_types)Field [static]
fill_cache_field(struct st_cache_field *copy) (defined in Field)Field
flags (defined in Field)Field
free() (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
GEOM_GEOMETRY enum value (defined in Field)Field
GEOM_GEOMETRYCOLLECTION enum value (defined in Field)Field
GEOM_LINESTRING enum value (defined in Field)Field
GEOM_MULTILINESTRING enum value (defined in Field)Field
GEOM_MULTIPOINT enum value (defined in Field)Field
GEOM_MULTIPOLYGON enum value (defined in Field)Field
GEOM_POINT enum value (defined in Field)Field
GEOM_POLYGON enum value (defined in Field)Field
geometry_type enum name (defined in Field)Field
get_date(MYSQL_TIME *ltime, uint fuzzydate) (defined in Field_datetimef)Field_datetimef [virtual]
get_date_internal(MYSQL_TIME *ltime)Field_datetimef [protected, virtual]
get_geometry_type() (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
get_image(uchar *buff, uint length, const CHARSET_INFO *cs) (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
get_internal_check_zero(MYSQL_TIME *ltime, uint fuzzydate)Field_temporal_with_date [protected]
get_key_image(uchar *buff, uint length, imagetype type) (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
get_time(MYSQL_TIME *ltime) (defined in Field_temporal_with_date)Field_temporal_with_date [inline, virtual]
get_timestamp(struct timeval *tm, int *warnings)Field [virtual]
handle_int16(uchar *to, const uchar *from, bool low_byte_first_from, bool low_byte_first_to) (defined in Field)Field [inline, protected, static]
handle_int24(uchar *to, const uchar *from, bool low_byte_first_from, bool low_byte_first_to) (defined in Field)Field [inline, protected, static]
handle_int32(uchar *to, const uchar *from, bool low_byte_first_from, bool low_byte_first_to) (defined in Field)Field [inline, protected, static]
handle_int64(uchar *to, const uchar *from, bool low_byte_first_from, bool low_byte_first_to) (defined in Field)Field [inline, protected, static]
has_charset(void) const (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
has_insert_default_function() const (defined in Field)Field [inline]
has_update_default_function() const (defined in Field)Field [inline]
hash(ulong *nr, ulong *nr2) (defined in Field)Field [virtual]
imagetype enum name (defined in Field)Field
init(TABLE *table_arg) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
init_timestamp_flags()Field_temporal_with_date_and_time [protected]
INTERVAL_FIELD enum value (defined in Field)Field
is_equal(Create_field *new_field)Field_temporal [virtual]
is_null(my_ptrdiff_t row_offset=0) const (defined in Field)Field [inline]
is_null_in_record(const uchar *record) const (defined in Field)Field [inline]
is_real_null(my_ptrdiff_t row_offset=0) const (defined in Field)Field [inline]
is_temporal() const (defined in Field)Field [inline]
is_temporal_with_date() const (defined in Field)Field [inline]
is_temporal_with_date_and_time() const (defined in Field)Field [inline]
is_temporal_with_time() const (defined in Field)Field [inline]
Item_avg_field (defined in Field)Field [friend]
Item_func_group_concat (defined in Field)Field [friend]
Item_std_field (defined in Field)Field [friend]
Item_sum_avg (defined in Field)Field [friend]
Item_sum_count (defined in Field)Field [friend]
Item_sum_max (defined in Field)Field [friend]
Item_sum_min (defined in Field)Field [friend]
Item_sum_num (defined in Field)Field [friend]
Item_sum_std (defined in Field)Field [friend]
Item_sum_str (defined in Field)Field [friend]
Item_sum_sum (defined in Field)Field [friend]
itMBR enum value (defined in Field)Field
itRAW enum value (defined in Field)Field
key_cmp(const uchar *a, const uchar *b) (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
key_cmp(const uchar *str, uint length) (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
key_length() const (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
key_start (defined in Field)Field
key_type() const (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
last_null_byte() const (defined in Field)Field [inline]
LAST_NULL_BYTE_UNDEF enum value (defined in Field)Field
make_field(Send_field *) (defined in Field)Field [virtual]
make_sort_key(uchar *to, uint length)Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef [inline, virtual]
match_collation_to_optimize_range() const (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
max_data_length() const Field [inline, virtual]
max_display_length() (defined in Field_temporal)Field_temporal [inline, virtual]
max_packed_col_length(uint max_length) (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
maybe_null(void) const (defined in Field)Field [inline]
move_field(uchar *ptr_arg, uchar *null_ptr_arg, uchar null_bit_arg) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
move_field(uchar *ptr_arg) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
move_field_offset(my_ptrdiff_t ptr_diff) (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
new_field(MEM_ROOT *root, TABLE *new_table, bool keep_type) (defined in Field)Field [virtual]
new_key_field(MEM_ROOT *root, TABLE *new_table, uchar *new_ptr, uchar *new_null_ptr, uint new_null_bit) (defined in Field)Field [virtual]
new_key_field(MEM_ROOT *root, TABLE *new_table, uchar *new_ptr) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
NEXT_NUMBER enum value (defined in Field)Field
NO enum value (defined in Field)Field
NOEMPTY enum value (defined in Field)Field
NONE enum value (defined in Field)Field
normalize_dec(uint8 dec_arg)Field_temporal [inline, protected]
null_bit (defined in Field)Field
null_offset(const uchar *record) const (defined in Field)Field [inline]
null_offset() const (defined in Field)Field [inline]
null_ptrField [protected]
numeric_context_result_type() const Field_temporal [inline, virtual]
offset(uchar *record) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
operator delete(void *ptr, MEM_ROOT *mem_root) (defined in Field)Field [inline, static]
operator delete(void *ptr_arg, size_t size) (defined in Field)Field [inline, static]
operator new(size_t size) (defined in Field)Field [inline, static]
operator new(size_t size, MEM_ROOT *mem_root) (defined in Field)Field [inline, static]
optimize_range(uint idx, uint part) (defined in Field)Field [virtual]
orig_table (defined in Field)Field
pack(uchar *to, const uchar *from, uint max_length, bool low_byte_first)Field [virtual]
pack(uchar *to, const uchar *from) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
pack_int16(uchar *to, const uchar *from, bool low_byte_first_to) (defined in Field)Field [inline, protected]
pack_int24(uchar *to, const uchar *from, bool low_byte_first_to) (defined in Field)Field [inline, protected]
pack_int32(uchar *to, const uchar *from, bool low_byte_first_to) (defined in Field)Field [inline, protected]
pack_int64(uchar *to, const uchar *from, bool low_byte_first_to) (defined in Field)Field [inline, protected]
pack_length() const (defined in Field_datetimef)Field_datetimef [inline, virtual]
pack_length_from_metadata(uint field_metadata) (defined in Field_datetimef)Field_datetimef [inline, virtual]
pack_length_in_rec() const (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
packed_col_length(const uchar *to, uint length) (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
part_of_key (defined in Field)Field
part_of_key_not_clustered (defined in Field)Field
part_of_sortkey (defined in Field)Field
PGNR enum value (defined in Field)Field
PNR enum value (defined in Field)Field
ptr (defined in Field)Field
real_maybe_null(void) const Field [inline]
real_type() const (defined in Field_datetimef)Field_datetimef [inline, virtual]
REL enum value (defined in Field)Field
repertoire() const (defined in Field_temporal)Field_temporal [inline, virtual]
reset() (defined in Field_datetimef)Field_datetimef [virtual]
reset_fields() (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
result_merge_type(enum_field_types)Field [static]
result_type() const (defined in Field_temporal)Field_temporal [inline, virtual]
row_pack_length() const (defined in Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef)Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef [inline, virtual]
save_field_metadata(uchar *first_byte) (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
send_binary(Protocol *protocol) (defined in Field_temporal_with_date)Field_temporal_with_date [virtual]
set_column_format(column_format_type column_format_arg) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
set_datetime_warning(Sql_condition::enum_warning_level level, uint code, ErrConvString str, timestamp_type ts_type, int cuted_increment)Field_temporal [protected]
set_default() (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
set_derivation(enum Derivation derivation_arg) (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
set_image(const uchar *buff, uint length, const CHARSET_INFO *cs) (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
set_key_image(const uchar *buff, uint length) (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
set_notnull(my_ptrdiff_t row_offset=0) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
set_null(my_ptrdiff_t row_offset=0) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
set_null_ptr(uchar *p_null_ptr, uint p_null_bit) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
set_storage_type(ha_storage_media storage_type_arg) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
set_warning(Sql_condition::enum_warning_level, unsigned int code, int cuted_increment) const Field
set_warnings(ErrConvString str, int warnings)Field_temporal [protected]
SHIELD enum value (defined in Field)Field
sort_charset() const (defined in Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef)Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef [inline, virtual]
sort_length() const (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
sql_type(String &str) const (defined in Field_datetimef)Field_datetimef [virtual]
store(const char *str, uint len, const CHARSET_INFO *cs)Field_temporal [virtual]
store(longlong nr, bool unsigned_val) (defined in Field_temporal)Field_temporal [virtual]
store(double nr) (defined in Field_temporal)Field_temporal [virtual]
store(const char *to, uint length, const CHARSET_INFO *cs, enum_check_fields check_level) (defined in Field)Field
store_decimal(const my_decimal *decimal) (defined in Field_temporal)Field_temporal [virtual]
store_internal(const MYSQL_TIME *ltime, int *error)Field_datetimef [protected, virtual]
store_internal_with_round(MYSQL_TIME *ltime, int *warnings)Field_temporal_with_date [protected, virtual]
store_lldiv_t(const lldiv_t *lld, int *warning)Field_temporal [protected]
store_packed(longlong nr)Field_datetimef [virtual]
store_time(MYSQL_TIME *ltime, uint8 dec)Field_temporal_with_date [virtual]
Field_temporal::store_time(MYSQL_TIME *ltime)Field [inline]
store_timestamp(const struct timeval *tm) (defined in Field_temporal_with_date_and_time)Field_temporal_with_date_and_time
Field_temporal_with_date::store_timestamp(const timeval *tm)Field [inline, virtual]
Field_temporal_with_date::store_timestamp(my_time_t sec)Field [inline]
store_timestamp_internal(const struct timeval *tm)Field_datetimef [protected, virtual]
str_needs_quotes() (defined in Field_temporal)Field_temporal [inline, virtual]
table (defined in Field)Field
table_name (defined in Field)Field
TIMESTAMP_DN_FIELD enum value (defined in Field)Field
TIMESTAMP_DNUN_FIELD enum value (defined in Field)Field
TIMESTAMP_OLD_FIELD enum value (defined in Field)Field
TIMESTAMP_UN_FIELD enum value (defined in Field)Field
type() const (defined in Field_datetimef)Field_datetimef [inline, virtual]
type_can_have_key_part(enum_field_types)Field [static]
unireg_check (defined in Field)Field
UNKNOWN_FIELD enum value (defined in Field)Field
unpack(uchar *to, const uchar *from, uint param_data, bool low_byte_first)Field [virtual]
unpack(uchar *to, const uchar *from) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
unpack_int16(uchar *to, const uchar *from, bool low_byte_first_from) (defined in Field)Field [inline, protected]
unpack_int24(uchar *to, const uchar *from, bool low_byte_first_from) (defined in Field)Field [inline, protected]
unpack_int32(uchar *to, const uchar *from, bool low_byte_first_from) (defined in Field)Field [inline, protected]
unpack_int64(uchar *to, const uchar *from, bool low_byte_first_from) (defined in Field)Field [inline, protected]
utype enum name (defined in Field)Field
val_date_temporal()Field_datetimef [virtual]
val_decimal(my_decimal *decimal_value) (defined in Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef)Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef [virtual]
val_int() (defined in Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef)Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef [virtual]
val_int(const uchar *new_ptr) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
val_int_as_str(String *val_buffer, my_bool unsigned_flag)Field
val_int_offset(uint row_offset) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
val_real() (defined in Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef)Field_temporal_with_date_and_timef [virtual]
val_str(String *, String *) (defined in Field_temporal_with_date)Field_temporal_with_date [virtual]
val_str(String *str) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
val_str(String *str, const uchar *new_ptr) (defined in Field)Field [inline]
val_temporal_by_field_type()Field [inline]
val_time_temporal()Field_temporal_with_date [virtual]
validate_stored_val(THD *thd)Field_temporal_with_date [virtual]
warn_if_overflow(int op_result)Field
YES enum value (defined in Field)Field
zero_pack() const (defined in Field_datetimef)Field_datetimef [inline, virtual]
~Field() (defined in Field)Field [inline, virtual]
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