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Explain_format_traditional Class Reference

#include <opt_explain_traditional.h>

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Explain_format Sql_alloc

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool is_hierarchical () const
virtual bool send_headers (select_result *result)
virtual bool begin_context (Explain_context_enum, SELECT_LEX_UNIT *subquery, const Explain_format_flags *flags)
virtual bool end_context (Explain_context_enum)
virtual bool flush_entry ()
virtual qep_rowentry ()

Detailed Description

Formatter for the traditional EXPLAIN output

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool Explain_format_traditional::begin_context ( Explain_context_enum  context,
SELECT_LEX_UNIT *  subquery,
const Explain_format_flags flags 
) [inline, virtual]

Enter a specified context

contextcontext type
subqueryfor CTX_WHERE: unit of the subquery

Implements Explain_format.

virtual bool Explain_format_traditional::end_context ( Explain_context_enum  context) [inline, virtual]

Leave the current context

contextcurrent context type (for validation/debugging)

Implements Explain_format.

virtual qep_row* Explain_format_traditional::entry ( ) [inline, virtual]

Get a pointer to the current TABLE/JOIN_TAB property set

Implements Explain_format.

Flush TABLE/JOIN_TAB property set

For traditional EXPLAIN: output a single EXPLAIN row.

Implements Explain_format.

virtual bool Explain_format_traditional::is_hierarchical ( ) const [inline, virtual]

A hierarchical text or a plain table

Return values:
trueFormatter produces hierarchical text
falseTraditional explain

Implements Explain_format.

bool Explain_format_traditional::send_headers ( select_result *  result) [virtual]

Send EXPLAIN header item(s) to output stream

: This function caches the output result set pointer for further use.
resultoutput result set
Return values:

Reimplemented from Explain_format.

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