InnoDB Plugin  1.0
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api0misc.h File Reference
#include "univ.i"
#include "os0file.h"
#include "que0que.h"
#include "trx0trx.h"
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UNIV_INTERN ibool ib_handle_errors (dberr_t *new_err, trx_t *trx, que_thr_t *thr, trx_savept_t *savept)
UNIV_INTERN dberr_t ib_trx_lock_table_with_retry (trx_t *trx, dict_table_t *table, enum lock_mode mode)


my_bool ib_binlog_enabled
my_bool ib_mdl_enabled
my_bool ib_disable_row_lock
ulong ib_trx_level_setting
ulong ib_bk_commit_interval

Detailed Description

InnoDB Native API

3/20/2011 Jimmy Yang extracted from Embedded InnoDB 2008 Created by Sunny Bains

Function Documentation

UNIV_INTERN ibool ib_handle_errors ( dberr_t new_err,
trx_t trx,
que_thr_t thr,
trx_savept_t savept 

in: savepoint or NULL

new_errout: possible new error encountered in lock wait, or if no new error, the value of trx->error_state at the entry of this function
trxin: transaction
thrin: query thread
UNIV_INTERN dberr_t ib_trx_lock_table_with_retry ( trx_t trx,
dict_table_t table,
enum lock_mode  mode 

in: lock mode

trxin/out: transaction
tablein: table to lock

Variable Documentation

my_bool ib_binlog_enabled

Whether binlog is enabled for applications using InnoDB APIs

ulong ib_bk_commit_interval

configure value for background commit interval (in seconds)

my_bool ib_disable_row_lock

Whether InnoDB row lock is disabled for applications using InnoDB APIs

my_bool ib_mdl_enabled

Whether MySQL MDL is enabled for applications using InnoDB APIs

ulong ib_trx_level_setting

configure value for transaction isolation level