Mingxing LAI

My name is Mingxing LAI and major in computer science. I'm a software engineer work at Netease in hangzhou. I'm a passionate guy. Passionate about Computer Science and History. My interest hobbies are widespread, like mountain climbing, swimming, go to the cinema, travel etc.

My dreams are:

  1. to overcome cognitive biases and practice the art of human rationality.
  2. to reach mastery in computer programming and to make the world more beautiful.

I'm a big fan of vim and use it for almost all of my writing, I couldn’t live without in my day-to-day editing. I like unix/linux very much, and also have rich experience with common unix command line utilities. I constantly seeking out some new stuff to learn, and have found many useful tools to help me work efficiently, such as apvlv, mutt, awesome, tmux and vichrome.


我的座右铭是,"Nothing replaces hard work!" ,